Dear Mabel, I was deeply moved by your video, “Our Children Can Be Happy Now”… Tears came to my eyes… Your work with children is profoundly important… How different my entire life would have been, if I’d had your guidance and wisdom helping me throughout my challenging childhood. The love you are giving to the children of this world is beyond beautiful. Happy kids, will create a happy future, so THANK YOU Mabel, with all my heart. I love you,

‾ Flori, USA

Aloha everyone!

I received my copy of Mabel's "Easiest Way to Live & Easiest Way to Grow" books this week!
The day it came, I was inspired to read a little of TEWTL before bed and place it under my pillow as I slept.
I didn't sleep much that night, but when I got up the next morning I felt more rested than I have been in a very long time!
Also, I have been receiving inner "knowings" about certain situations that the time is perfect to act.
I had no expectations when I put the book under my pillow. 
The energies from the book are good for me right now.  My inner child is so very happy too. May she's reading it? I don't know. I don't need to know.
Thank you, Thank you

Peace of I

‾ Gloria, USA

From the moment my daughter Angelica could speak, my wife and I taught her the Ho'oponopono Mantra "Please forgive me, I'm sorry, thank you, I love you."

Mabel's book "The Easiest Way To Grow-Messages You Will Be Glad to Know", was the most wonderful next step in learning about Spirit, and  explaining living a life using Ho'oponopono. The accompanying CD simplifies this wonderful message in a way that only Mabel Katz can do. I recommend it for all children. It has given my daughter a connection to the Divine, and the ability to learn through LOVE.

Peace, love, and music,

‾ Mathew Dixon, USA

This is the best book I have purchased for my kids, without sounding fanatic. I recommend it from my heart, because I think this is one of the greatest inspirations Mabel got. Since I bought it, I play the CD for them every night with the volume low when they go to bed. One night I forgot and my 8-year old son asked me to put "the voice of that woman that talks like you, as I sleep much better and have no nightmares". Besides sleeping better, my kinds have changed incredibly, they are radiant, independent, have progressed in different areas of their personal development and in school, etc. Definitely this book and the audio CD have done an invaluable cleaning. Many many thanks to all and everyone that had made it possible to reach our hands today. It's like a hand of help directly from Divinity to parents, children and any adult. In fact, we the adults need the messages on this book more than the children as they are wiser. Thank you!!

‾ Marikena, Czech Republic

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