Audios and Video Bundle Special Bundle: vBook + Audios Set

You receive The V-book (VIDEO), where  you can watch Mabel tells you those weird stories you love to hear during her seminars and the Audio-book, recorded in mp3 (AUDIO) for you to enjoy anytime with all those messages you want your subconscious to listen in order to re-program yourself  and see real changes in your life.

We need to Unlearned to be able to Relearn!

You can go back to be your true essence and be like children again.

Share this with your children and grandchildren so they can stay "pure at heart" and be happy NOW, so they don’t have t go through what we went through. Give them the gift to be themselves, to love and accept themselves just the way they are and stop looking for approval and love in the wrong places.

Audio Set

Includes: 32 audios in mp3 format where Mabel remind us who we really are. These messages seek to show children how to hold onto their true essence and to remain "pure at heart," so they never lose the joy and peace that is their birthright.

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Re-mind and Re-program your
Subconscious NOW

The Easiest Way to Grow

Messages that you will be very happy to know

Bilingual (English - Spanish)

*Includes digital audios and videos

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In this inspirational message book plus 15 videos and 32 special read-along audios, we learn the simple truths that show children how to hold on to their true essence as well as remain "pure at heart."

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Gift of Love and Light

Let’s join hands and make a difference in a child’s life!

I wrote this book to help children everywhere to be happy. Then sadly I realized one thing; many children who could use this encouragement of inspiration might never be given one of my books.

With your support we can make a huge impact in the lives of many children. I am offering an incredible discount for anyone who will agree to purchase 50 or more books for children in need.

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